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Free Restaurant Order Guide. Import you order to PFG, US Foods Sysco and more..

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Jose Salazar have manage restaurant for over 20 years. He has held different positions form kitchen manager, Executive Chef and General Manager. Worked for different concepts like T.GI Fridays, Dave & Busters, Chuy’s.

I would like to share the skill and knowledge that I acquire over the past 20 years. I would love for other Profecinal to do the same on this site as well.

I am a self-taught computer programmer and still learning. I know how to build websites, iOS apps and any api to automate systems. I want to keep using my skills to build tools for restaurants.


The Mosaic Theory

The Mosaic Theory helps us celebrate diversity. Individually, mosaic stones are beautiful and unique. With creativity and care, the artist selects stones because of their unique colors, shapes and sizes. On their own they are beautiful; together they create a stunning masterpiece. In the same way, a successful restaurant creates a culture of inclusion by …

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